Baron Valmont


Baron Valmont is a minor noble who has ingratiatingly inserted himself into as many bits of politics as he can, and appears to the masses as a very conservative, religious noble who looks down on what he considers the “peasantry” (anyone who isn’t noble born). His castle is Shoalwind Keep, located in the northern part of Birmery. Valmont has made many enemies over time, and has a distinct grudge against all the party members for various reasons.

He is a follower of Saint Cuthbert, and has a small church dedicated to Saint Cuthbert in his keep.

Cossu Sate had a relationship with Baron Valmont’s daughter, Ryla, a relationship that ended with the Baron bringing his daughter home and locking her up. Rumors have started to swirl that he may have killed the girl in a fit of rage as she has not been seen in some time, and the Baron has become suspiciously quiet the last few weeks, not making public appearances to complain about the lack of morals in society, something he has over the years become infamous for.


Baron Valmont

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