King Otho

King of the Human Territories


King Otho is the current king of the Human Territories, and lives in Birmery, where he is known as quite the lady’s man. He has no wife and no apparent heirs, and speculation as to who would take the throne if anything happened to him is rampant amongst the political activists. No one is quite clear how line of succession works when there are no successors.

Otho has plenty of people who could potentially lay claim to the throne as it’s also speculated that he’s fathered about twenty to thirty children with various barmaids, ladies-of-the-evening, and unattached noble women.

For the most part Otho is well liked by the people, though that may have a lot to do with the fact that he generally stays out of politics, and everybody’s business. He is a direct descendant of King Deston.


King Otho

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