Kingdom of Vyr

Was once completely overrun by wild beasts, monsters, wyverns, goblins, and various other nasty creatures, but around ten thousand years ago, orcs emerged as the dominant species on the island, enslaving lesser demihumans, destroying or running off most of the larger nasty beasts, and spending their free time fighting each other for control of rocks no one cared that much about in the first place.

About a thousand years ago a human kingom arrived on the southern shores, made a beachhead, built a castle, and proclaimed the land for Queen Yama. Yama was, at the time, expanding a human kingdom from a southern mainland that eventually sank beneath the ocean waves, leaving Vyr as the southernmost continent still above sea level.

Yama and her people pressed through the orc hordes, eventually taking over most of the southeastern section of the continent before Yama was executed and  King Deston was brought to power. Deston and the orc leader at the time, Daktar Bloodmoon, forged a pact, and an uneasy alliance cut the continent almost in half.

Deston wasn't finished though, he was a wheeler and dealer and he traded off the south western portions of the continent he now controlled to various groups of elves, and other sections of the human holdings to a clan of dwarves or two, looking for new homes.

The orc tribes banded together, fought the elves and lost, fought the dwarves and lost, fought the elves again and almost won, but lost, fought the dwarves again and thought they'd lost, but then won, but then lost again because they couldn't hold the territory, and eventually the orcs said fuck it, you can all live here. Whatever. We don't care.

That was around three hundred years ago, so there are still elves and dwarves around who fought in those wars, but for the most part the orcs have gotten over it, become generally decent neighbors to the north, and everyone gets along other than the occasional spat over a border, a racial custom, or an insensitive joke here and there.

Kingdom of Vyr

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